1. Do your lights come with batteries?
    The Illuminator Light does come with a battery.
  2. Do your lights come with solar panels?
    The Illuminator Light comes with an 18-volt solar panel to charge the 12-volt battery. For high activity and low light situations, extra 18 volt solar panels are available for the Illuminator (Coming soon!)  These solar panels need to be in direct sunlight for at least 8 hours to fully charge the batteries.
  3. How long do the lights last on a charged battery?
    The Illuminator battery will last about 24 hours of ‘on time’ without any sunlight recharge.
  4. What can I do about critters chewing the cords from the solar panels?
    We try to make sure all of my cables from the panels are small enough that they can fit into the ½ inch flexible metal conduit that can be purchased at most hardware stores.
  5. Can these lights be turned on and stay lit all night?
    No, both of our lights work with motion detection only.
  6. How long does the light stay lit when motion is detected?
    The light will remain on as long as there is movement within the motion detector range. The Illuminator time duration is adjustable from 15 seconds to about 7 minutes after the motion stops. We suggest setting this light to at least 4 minutes.
  7. How large of an area do the lights cover?
    The Illuminator has 1 adjustable head and if mounted about 7 feet high will light up about 30 to 40-foot circle.
  8. How far will the motion detector pick up movement?
    The Illuminator has an adjustable sensitivity and can sense motion out to about 30 feet. However, if this is set too sensitive, blowing weeds or even mice may turn it on.
  9. Why does my Illuminator Light just begin to brighten and then go out before it gets bright enough to see?
    The time duration is set too short. If the animals are right on the edge of the detector zone, they may trigger the light and then step out of the zone and the light goes out. We recommend setting this dial to about 4 minutes. This guarantees that every time the light is triggered, it will stay lit for at least 4 minutes and be completely bright whether the movement remains or not.
  10. Do these lights come on during the day?
    The Illuminator has an adjustable light sensor. It can be set to come on during the daylight hours, but then the battery will never get recharged. We recommend setting this dial fully counter clockwise to the darkest setting. The light should be ready as soon as it is too dark to shoot without a light.
  11. Why are the Green LEDs not lighting up but the Red LEDs are still lit?
    The Green LEDs use more power than the red ones. When only the red LEDs are lit up, the battery is low. The Illuminator Light is a 12-volt system. The green LEDs will go out at about 9 volts, the red LEDs will go out at about 5 volts.