No-Spook Feeder Light for Hog Hunting

The Best Hog Hunting Lights for Feeders are “No-Spook” lights that give you the kill faster and easier. You know how frustrating wild hog hunting can be at night when the light spooks the hog just as you’re ready to take your shot.

Designed by Hunters for Killing Hogs

The Terminator Hunting Feeder Lights are designed by hunters (after much research) to deliver the perfect color combo light that won’t spook your target hog—even the biggest ‘ole wise boar in the herd.

Green and Red LED Lights

The green and red dual LEDs put out an “orange” glow that’s bright enough for you to see but virtually invisible to the hogs. No more worrying about you seeing well enough to shoot and the hogs running off when the light trips at the feeder. No more cheap feeder lights that are just too dim for you to get a good enough shot to take down the hog.

A Guaranteed Killing System You Can Rely On

Get your feeder light and accessories here and plan your night hunt. With a one year warranty to back up your Terminator Hunting Light, you’ve got nothing to lose. Except some sleep while you take out some hogs.