The Illuminator Jr. Hog Hunting Feeder Light

Kill more hogs on your next wild boar hunt with the “no-spook” hunting light.

Every hunter knows wild pigs are getting smarter. They feed at night to mess up your game. But now you have the upper hand with the Illuminator Jr. Hunting Light! When hogs see their shadow, they spook and run off. But with the Illuminator Jr. Hunting Light that comes on slowly—hogs stay put. Using the best color combo LED lights for maximum visibility and other “game sensitive” features, the Illuminator Jr. turns your feeding site into in the perfect hog harvesting zone.

  • Interchangeable adjustable  flexible head system
  • 40’ with 180-degree motion detection
  • Illumination of 2,500 sq. ft.
  • Magnetic battery case
  • Strap on to any object
  • Internal lithium ion battery included
Terminator Hunting Light Jr.
18V Solar Panel
Multi-Color LED Head Light
Magnetic Battery Case
40’ with 180-Degree Motion Detection
Strap On To Any Object
Internal Lithium Ion Battery Included
Interchangeable Adjustable Flexible Head System
Wall Charger

“I love it, the versatility of these lights are awesome. Doesn't matter what you're looking for, perfect for hunting varmints at night where legal, night fishing around docks or off your boat or even for security reasons the possibilities are endless.”

Byron P. Martien Hunter

“Got it done tonight using your lights. ”

Micheal ZikaHunter

“The Terminator Light is a great solution for so many people that are overrun with hogs and need a way to light em up at night while they are out and helping themselves to crops, landscapes, and doing millions of dollars in damage.”

Layla Kawar Lynch